The Fashion Show 2014 Exhibit

Fashion Show 2014

April 28th – August 29th

The Fashion Show Exhibit 2014

The winning garments of the Annual Textiles and Clothing Fashion Show represent the finest work of undergraduate and graduate students studying design in the Apparel, Merchandising, and Design program at Iowa State University. Four nationally recognized judges in the textiles and clothing field juried all designs submitted for inclusion in the annual fashion show. They evaluated the garments on the creative and technical aspects of each piece. The 32nd Annual Fashion Show included the work of 50 designers, 48 models, and 104 student producers, directors, and committee members. 98 entries were modeled on the runway and an additional 39 projects were displayed in the mounted exhibit. Over 1800 tickets for The Fashion Show 2014 were sold and $7900 in awards was announced throughout the course of the evening. The first and second place winners in each design category are included in The Fashion Show Exhibit 2014.

The exhibit is co-curated by graduate student Jennifer Gordon, directors Paulina Coursey and Kelsie Witt, and the members of the gallery and display committee: Julia Katz, Annie Neuswanger, Ashlee Hammer, Ashley Peters, Anna Dencklau, Catherine Clark, and Hannah Lehne. Special thanks to Sarah Bennett, Janet Fitzpatrick, Amanda Lensch, Victoria Van Voorhis, Suzanne LeSar, Denise Nichols, and the Fashion Show 2014 producers. The exhibit is supported by the College of Human Sciences, the Apparel, Events, and Hospitality Management department, and Dr. Robert Bosselman.

Design categories

Best in Show: Highest honors awarded to one garment or line by a designer

Accessories: Including hats and jewelry

Fiber Art: Art incorporating surface and various three-dimensional design principles

Portfolio: Student portfolio

Fashion Illustration: Rendering of garments that translates the design from two-dimensional concept to three-dimensional object

Professional Day Wear: Clothing meant to be worn in a professional setting

Graduate: Work submitted by graduate students within the Apparel, Merchandising, and Design Program

Collection: A line or collection of garments with similar theme or look

Wearable Art/Experimental: Clothing that is designed using non-traditional materials or techniques

Special Occasion: Garments intended for dressier events and special occasions

Streetwear: Provides an alternative to mainstream fashions

Men’s Wear: Clothing that was designed for men

Children’s Wear: Clothing that was designed for children

Eco-Friendly: Garments that are “green,” and are made from sustainable or recycled materials

Digital Print: Incorporates use of digitally printed fabric designed by the student

A Brief History of the Fashion Show

The Textiles and Clothing Fashion Show is one of Iowa State University’s most successful student-produced events. The fashion show was originally staged on the steps of MacKay Auditorium, in MacKay Hall, and in Curtiss Hall. In 1989, the catwalk used for the show grew from five to twenty feet long. As the show continued to grow in audience and designer participation, a change in venue was needed. The fashion show moved to Fisher Theater in 2000 and most recently, to Stephens Auditorium in 2005. Since 2007, student winners of the annual fashion show have been displayed in the Mary Alice Gallery, 1015 Morrill Hall during the summer months. The exhibit showcases the talent and scholarship of Iowa State’s Apparel, Merchandising, and Design program.


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