Fashionable Side of STEM

January 21-March 11, 2016

Curated by Sara Marcketti and Janet Fitzpatrick

the_fashionable_side_of_stem_smFashion, both historically and contemporarily, has been influenced by and contributed to advances in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This exhibit features examples from the Textiles and Clothing Museum Collection ranging from a finely engineered bodice from the 1890s to a twenty-first century dress inspired by mathematical theory.

fashionable-side-of-stem-7Current contributions from Apparel, Merchandising, and Design Program faculty and graduate students demonstrate cutting-edge creation and application of STEM concepts in their research and designs. This work includes examples of digitally printed textiles, laser-cut motifs, and experimental techniques and materials. Buying and inventory spreadsheets, business plans, and visual merchandising directives using computer software illustrates the importance of mathematics and technology to apparel retailing. The juxtaposition of historic and present-day examples of apparel, merchandising, and design highlights the tremendous impact of the interactions of STEM and fashion on our daily lives.