Zoey Sternquist

Zoey plans to make a difference

After her inspirational teacher in high school told Zoey how everything she loved fell into the category of family and consumer sciences, she went to Iowa State to pursue her degree.

“I was trying to decide between elementary education and apparel merchandising,” she said. “But then my teacher said that a career teaching family and consumer sciences would apply both of those passions.”

At a young age, Zoey saw the struggles some families had. Whether it was the place they were living or a complicated family life, she noticed their education was impacted.

“Students weren’t able to take college classes since schools didn’t offer them,” she said. “And some parents had to work more which made it harder to help their kids.”

Zoey decided she wanted to change this.

“I figured out it breaks my heart that there are individuals who struggle with basic life skills which disable them from being self-sufficient,” she said.

Now, Zoey is pursuing a degree in family and consumer sciences. Her classes dabble in all of the aspects of the field including financing, child development, sewing, nutrition and wellness, interior design, and parenting. Zoey enjoys this quality of the program.

“It brings all the subjects I like together,” she said. “And I’m learning things most families don’t teach their kids.”

Looking ahead, Zoey hopes to head to the West Coast and teach consumer sciences courses for middle school and high school students.

“I want to help people,” she said. “I want to teach them life skills that will help better them and in turn, better the community.”