Zoe Lambert

Bright future ahead in medicine and law for Zoe Lambert

For Zoe, the future possibilities within her career and education path are endless. Growing up with parents who work in healthcare fostered an interest from an early age, and working at the Writing and Media Center here at Iowa State gave her a passion for social justice and teaching.

“Honestly, I do not know what my dream career is,” Zoe said. “I hope that I have the opportunity to walk a versatile path and pursue many careers.”

A kinesiology and health major, Zoe doesn’t know exactly what path within the medical field she wants to take, but she knows she wants to work with people and policy as well. As a senior, she is currently focusing on applying to medical school and hopefully being accepted into one with a dual-degree law program.

Zoe is very involved on campus as a member of Be the Match, a club that advocates for people to join the National Bone Marrow Registry, and the outreach program Music Therapy for Persons with Parkinson’s Disease. As she explained her involvement in both of these clubs, her passion for them was evident.

“I went to the first meeting, and it was ‘the rest is history’ kind of thing,” Zoe said about Be the Match. “I have seen firsthand the impact, life-saving and otherwise, that we can have on one another’s lives.”

Within Music Therapy for Persons with Parkinson’s Disease, it’s the personal connection she’s able to make with the participants she loves the most.

“It’s rewarding to see your passion and service on someone else’s face,” she said.

A common thread between all of Zoe’s involvements and future goals is her compassion. She said this quality is something she’s grown up with and that it’s also fostered by the College of Human Sciences.

“I was raised with the mindset of service to others – to use your position as someone who is better off to help someone who’s worse off,” Zoe said. “With choosing the College of Human Sciences, my personal mission and the college’s mission of serving others came together.”