Zebulun Callahan

Zeb accidentally discovers his passion at Iowa State

Zeb Callahan started at Iowa State not knowing anyone. To top it off, he ended up accidentally choosing his major (athletic training) during orientation.

“I couldn’t remember my major,” Zeb said. “My mom wasn’t around to tell me, so I ended up joining a group because it sounded like what I wanted to do.”

Despite being an accident, he loves athletic training.

“It seemed really cool, so I stuck with it,” he said. “Now I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Once he felt confident in his career path, Zeb wanted to feel more comfortable on campus. He spoke with his roommate who helped him decide to get more involved.

“My roommate taught me to go out and meet people,” he said. “He told me to not worry about what other people think and to take advantage of the full-college experience. Otherwise, I may regret it later on.”

Zeb joined the Kinesiology Health Club and served as Wellness Chair for the first floor of Wallace Hall. His involvement not only brought him valuable connections, but it also helped him prepare to apply into the athletic training program.

Callahan applied following his sophomore year. He met all the requirements – 75 hours of observation, anatomy and physiology, and three lab rotations – and went in for his interviews with athletic trainers, the clinic coordinator, and the program director.

After a few weeks, he received his acceptance letter.

“I almost cried when I got into the program,” he said.  “I didn’t, but I was ecstatic.”

As a junior, he feels more comfortable than ever on campus. In addition to bonding with his fellow athletic trainers, he enjoys being part of Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity.

“In athletic training, we are around the same people 20-plus hours every week which is great,” he said. “But in my fraternity, I’m around guys in engineering and other majors. It has helped me make new friends and expand my horizons.”