Taylor Paulsen

Clubs get Taylor ready for graduate school

Taylor’s most memorable experiences didn’t happen in the classroom. Although, she said she learned a lot about her major in them, it was the extra-curricular clubs she was involved in that really helped her prepare for graduate school.

When she first came to Iowa State, Taylor was studying animal science. She wanted to get more involved on campus and joined the Pre-Physician Assistant Club. After a bit, she was ready to switch her major to kinesiology and health.

“Ever since I can remember, I had grown up wanting to be a veterinarian,” she said. “However, I started to wonder if I wanted to practice human or animal medicine. After taking a few kinesiology classes and job shadowing, I realized I had made the right decision in changing my major.”

Taylor enjoys her courses and got involved with more clubs on campus including the kinesiology and health club. By getting involved, she was able to talk with professionals, recent graduates, and upperclassmen in her program. This gave her valuable connections in preparing for the next step in her education.

“Clubs have done an amazing job making me feel more prepared for graduate school,” she said. “They make sure you know how to find requirements for your schools of interest and give you helpful tips to consider as you prepare to apply.”

Taylor learned about different requirements, including volunteer hours, rotations, and patient contact hours she was expected to have. She said getting prepared for graduate school is a lot of work, but if you stay organized, it becomes a lot easier.

“Keep a spreadsheet of all your requirements,” she said. “Document your hours and keep track so you know what you have left to do. Also, job shadow a lot and write down your thoughts after each one because, who knows, you can find something new you’re passionate about.”