Tammie Melton

Tammie Melton flourishes at National Retail Federation convention

Nominated as a 2017 Rising Star Scholar, Tammie was already more than excited. She then was informed by Ann Thye and Chris Wise, apparel program advisers, of the 2018 National Retail Federation (NRF) Student Program. After replying with interest, the apparel program nominated her to the NRF for an award as a “Rising Star” sophomore.

The NRF then granted Tammie a travel stipend which made her trip to the convention possible. Tammie said freshmen and sophomores who have never been to an NRF event before are eligible to apply for stipends for these opportunities.

“It was an amazing opportunity to network and learn more about the industry,” she said. “I also went with two other ISU students who are now very good friends of mine.”

Tammie said each day was filled with important events from keynote speakers presenting about financial advice and how to deal with stress to meeting and talking with industry professionals.

“Each speaker talked about different things, but overall they all talked about how to advance within the industry,” she said.

The convention even gave students the time to critique their resumes the days before the career fair took place.

“It’s a big event focused on getting you connected,” she said.

One of the most important ideas Tammie took away from the convention is to speak your ambitions into existence. She advises other students to do this as well.

“You have to be your biggest advocate and have the confidence that you can achieve anything you truly work for,” Tammie said.