Sydney Washington

Sydney Washington finds home in dentistry and Iowa State University

Sydney Washington has always felt at home at the dentist’s office.

Sydney was never the child who was afraid for her dental checkup; in fact, she said that she had always enjoyed going to the dentist.

“Ever since going to the dentist when I was young, I thought it was so cool. I loved the environment there,” she said.

The friendly, welcoming dental environment she remembers nudged her to pursue dentistry herself.

Wanting to work in a place that felt like home was also a big reason Sydney came to Iowa State University. She had only heard good things about Iowa State and loved the “homey” feel on campus, so she decided to make it her home.

Now a senior, Sydney is taking another step toward becoming a dentist. She’s confident that her choice of the kinesiology and health major will make her stand out in the application process for dental school.

Sydney is also taking advantage of opportunities provided by the Pre-Dental Club on campus.

Though Sydney has always had an interest in dentistry, attending the IMOM (Iowa Mission of Mercy) dental conference with the Pre-Dental Club confirmed she was on the right career path. Dental students from all over the state participated in the conference to shadow professionals and provide free dental care to volunteers that ranged from basic dental care to oral surgery.

“[IMOM] helps the dental student to practice on a real patient. It was really cool to see students doing dental work,” Sydney said. “It started a fire [in me]. I was really inspired by that.”

Sydney said it’s a goal of hers to work as a general dentist in the U.S. Air Force and focus her passion for dentistry to help those serving the country.

“I feel like it would be so rewarding to be a general dentist for the military,” Sydney said. “It’s awesome that I’ll be able to help people, and I want to help the people keeping me safe.”