Sydney Cline

Sydney finds career at Iowa State

In high school, Sydney sat in the audience of the Iowa State Fashion Show. She watched student designs grace the runway piece after piece. Then, the guest designer, Matthew Christopher’s couture bridal gowns appeared. In that moment, Sydney knew she wanted to be a part of the wedding industry.

Sydney studied in New York the summer following her senior year. She enjoyed it, but felt it lacked the college atmosphere she desired. From watching the Fashion Show year after year, she knew Iowa State was exactly where she wanted to be.

As a sophomore, Sydney completed two internships with different bridal companies. Her experiences at Dornink and Weddings by Design brought her valuable connections. She recommends any student get involved with internships and clubs to help with networking and learning skills.

“Get as much experience as you can,” she said. “Also get involved in clubs in the AESHM program since you get first-hand experience.”

Her time with the companies also helped her decide on a future career. She decided to open a wedding boutique that sells dresses, but also has an event planning element to help brides. Sydney chose this approach for the convenience for the customer, but also so she could work in both areas of the bridal industry.

“I like seeing all aspects and want to be involved in all of it. Plus, it’d be easier for a customer to have some of it in one spot instead of fifty different vendors.”

To accomplish her goal, Sydney is double majoring in apparel merchandising and event management—and she said she couldn’t be happier.

“I enjoy it so much more than I expected,” she said. “I like that I get to do it all day. I also enjoy the variety of business and fashion classes.”