Sia Turner

Sia Turner’s past encourages her to help others

“I had a really rocky couple years between middle school and high school,” Sia said. “The people who helped me get where I am now were mainly in social work.”

Sia wants to make that difference in other kids’ lives due to the people she credits for helping her through a hard time in her life and transition to the type of person she is today.

“People who are going through foster care, homelessness, etc. need someone to be there for them,” she said. “It’s important because these students are dealing with situations at home and other stuff that makes them no longer focus on school or their future.”

Seeing the impact herself that she could truly make on others was what set in stone her decision to be a child, adult, and family services major.

“I guess you could say my ‘aha’ moment was with a mentor I had in high school,” Sia said. “I helped open a food pantry and clothing corner while in high school, and it was really the only thing that made sense to me. I love helping people.”

From that experience and through her classes and her hands-on opportunities, Sia knows she will be well-prepared to be the encouraging person for these kids, keeping them on the right track.

“I love the [human development and family studies] department,” Sia said. “It’s practical. You’re getting the theories and book type thing but also the inside community experience.”

In Sia’s opinion it’s the hands-on opportunities where you really start to learn. Already involved in a variety of activities, Sia still plans to join more as her academic career continues.

“Connect with as many people as you can,” she said. “Be willing to put yourself out there and be social.”