Shinyoung Jeon

Shinyoung travels across the sea to pursue research

Shinyoung’s undergraduate and master degrees were obtained in South Korea. With her background in child development and interest in economic crisis’ impacts on families, Shinyoung decided to attend Iowa State University and obtain her Ph.D.

“I felt I needed more knowledge after my master’s in Korea,” she said. “One of my friends had attended here and told me about the program, so I applied.”

Shinyoung also applied to a few other schools, but with an assistantship and major professor’s research matching perfectly with her own, she decided Iowa State was the right place for her.

“I am interested in child development under economic crisis,” she said. “So, now I am working with Doctor Neppl on studying the intergenerational transitive effect of parental personality traits and parenting styles on child development under economic pressure.”

Shinyoung’s interest in this particular research topic began when she lived in South Korea during an economic crisis. She observed how this time affected family children and the emotional stress it caused. Since then, she wanted to research it so she could make a difference.

Shinyoung has yet to decide how she wants to utilize her research, but hopes to open a facility which gives equal opportunity to families. However, she knows she can’t do that without her degree.

“First, I need to study and learn how to make a difference,” she said. “Then I can apply that knowledge in a practical way, and I want my research to be practical. It should relate to our real lives. That’s my philosophy.”

*Shinyoung would like to thank Amber Kreischer for nominating her for a profile.
“Thank you to Amber for nominating me,” she said. “You’re a wonderful American friend, and it’s support from people like you that helps me thrive here.”