Sergio Torres

Sergio makes an impact at Iowa State

Since Sergio arrived on Iowa State’s campus, he knew he wanted to use his voice to help people and change perceptions surrounding Mexican and LGBTQ+ communities.

“I want to let people into the culture,” Sergio said. “I’d like to hold events with Mexican music, dancing, and maybe foods, especially for people who are not familiar with it.”

From talking to his friends about issues surrounding diversity to cooking different cultural foods with them, Sergio feels starting small is a great way to begin making change. He hopes to make a positive impact on the way people view Mexican and LGBTQ+ communities.

“I feel like it’s really easy to hate a type of person, and I don’t want that,” Sergio said. “Every person and every culture has something beautiful to offer, and everyone should have an opportunity to see it.”

 After transferring to Iowa State in the fall of 2016, Sergio became a member of Delta Lambda Phi, a social fraternity that seeks to enhance the quality of life among men, regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression. He also joined Connect Four, a club for first-year students of color in the College of Human Sciences.

Sergio’s involvement in diversity groups on campus opened his eyes to all the opportunities available to him. For students who are unsure about how to begin making an impact, he recommends seeking out opportunities on campus.

“Get involved,” Sergio said. “If you want a voice, you need to get out there and find it. Once you have a voice, use it.”