Sarah Allen

Sarah Allen finds participating in student organizations beneficial

While Sarah has been at Iowa State for five years, she has had lots of time to get involved in different clubs, organizations, and volunteering; however, she still regrets not getting involved sooner.

“I lived in the dorms for three years, so it was really helpful to go with the people on my floor to the different club fests,” said Sarah. “I still feel like I missed out a lot my freshman year by not joining anything.”

Club Fest, held the beginning of each fall, is made up of student clubs and organizations showcasing their interests and activities. Going with friends helps students be more confident in approaching different organizations’ booths and learning more about them.

“Once I got involved, I saw a lot of leadership potential,” said Sarah. “I also am gaining lifelong friends and so much time management skills.”

Sarah cautions not to overload on activities, however. While getting involved is beneficial in numerous ways, she said to make sure class responsibilities can still be accomplished. Being a part of clubs and class activities go hand-in-hand, according to Sarah.

“Skills like working in a group really transfer from clubs to classes,” she said. “I’ve found group work a lot easier from working with others in different clubs.”

Not only does Sarah gain group skills, she also finds her clubs a great opportunity to practice what she has learned in the classroom.

Sarah encourages other students to get involved sooner rather than later. She said, by not getting involved early, you risk not learning many of these helpful skills needed in the classroom and in life.

“Give it a shot,” said Sarah. “If you don’t like it, you don’t have to continue, but at least you’ll know. You’ll regret it later if you don’t try it out.”