Sarah Wright

Sarah Wright submerses herself into the magazine world

Picking up a copy of Trend Magazine her junior year of high school sparked the idea, and then the actual making, of Sarah’s very own magazine her senior year.

“I fell in love with the idea of a student-run magazine, and went back to my high school and founded my own to put my name on ISU’s radar,” she said.

Overseeing 50 club members, teaching herself Adobe InDesign, and fundraising $3,000 each semester for the magazine was how Sarah spent the rest of her time in high school. She then had to transition from running a magazine to working as a committee member on Trend, the on-campus, student-run fashion magazine, her first semester of college.

“I knew I had to start small,” she said. “To get my name out there I had to stand out as a member. I voiced my opinion at meetings, gave pose ideas at shoots, and even fixed fly-aways.”

She’s now held various roles including where she started as a fashion forecasting committee member to involvement in social media, creating the role of videographer, becoming the assistant director of fashion forecasting and now holding three roles simultaneously: social media manager, videographer, and online issue director.

“The three positions are really manageable because I love it so much,” she said.

Sarah is thankful for all of the portfolio pieces she has worked on during her time with Trend; when the time comes to present these pieces to potential employers, she knows she’ll be prepared.

“Trend Magazine has by far given me the most leadership experience here at Iowa State,” she said. “It’s really shown me just how well-rounded my skillset is, and that I’ll be a very flexible employee in my field.”

The more time Sarah spends devoted to Trend, she realizes the wide variety of opportunities available within the industry.

“It’s drilled into everyone to get as involved as possible, and I disagree with that,” Sarah said. “I found the couple clubs that really stood out to me and put more of my eggs into one basket, and this helped me move up the ladder quicker in terms of leadership roles.”