Sarah Waigand

Advisers help Sarah prepare for Iowa State

Sarah Waigand knew she wanted be a designer since her freshman year of high school when she was allowed to create her own independent art curriculum. She jumped at the chance and started to learn sewing techniques.

Sarah did not know where to begin, but she knew about Iowa State’s apparel, merchandising, and design program. Sarah decided to take a chance and sent an email to the advisers in the program.

“I did a lot of research online about who to contact,” she said. “Then I just gave it a shot, and it paid off. Chris Wise responded and told me what I should focus on.”

Thanks to Wise’s guidance, Sarah focused on learning basic sewing techniques. She created a few garments for an art show, including a homecoming dress, costume for Princess and the Pea (her school’s musical), and a casual dress.

Now, Sarah is a sophomore at Iowa State University and is looking forward to a career in technical design. She is working on a few pieces and hopes to have a small line in the Fashion Show 2016. She said her previous experience helped her tremendously in her classes.

“So many people in our major haven’t touched a sewing machine,” she said. “Knowing basic sewing skills has really helped me. I always thought I was slacking off in high school filling my schedule with art classes, but now I’m seeing it pay off!”

Sarah is very grateful to the help the apparel advisers gave and continue to give her. She encourages anyone wanting to get involved in the program to reach out to them.

“Get in contact with people early,” she said. “It shows you’re excited and want to be ready. Plus, you can never start making connections too early.”