Sarah Ha

Sarah begins her teaching journey at Iowa State

Inspired by RunDSM, a group whose according to their website empowers students on their journey to becoming community-based activists by providing them a platform to be heard, Sarah Ha came to Iowa State knowing she wanted to be a teacher.

“The way co-founders Emily Lang and Kristopher Rollins taught was effective and non-traditional, and I thought that students in traditional classroom settings should be exposed to this way of teaching,” Sarah said. “They also gave (me) my own opportunity to run a town hall that was extremely successful and validated my teaching pursuits.”

Sarah credits the town hall experience as the moment she solidified her passion and drive for teaching.

“We choose four town hall topics that are taught by students to other students. We also attend workshops ran by different mentors, see and perform poetry, showcase street art, dance and eat, and more. It felt like I was in front of my own classroom. My peers were reacting well to our activities, content, and the conversations were amazing. “

Sarah is just beginning her Iowa State adventure but has big things she wants to accomplish before graduation.

“I want to create a Movement ISU that is framed like Movement 515,” she said. “With this organization, I want to build a community and a safe space among my peers. Hopefully we can get workshops going and talk about current events and how it affects us as minorities, as students, so on and so forth.”

As for her future classrooms, she wants to help inspire creative, worldly students.

“I want students to take all the creativity that sits in their brain and express it through poetry, street art, or whatever they may be more comfortable with. I want them to care about what’s going on in the world. I want classrooms to be more dependent on what the students think about what they’re learning. I want to give them the foundation, the background information, and other foundations, but I want class to run on the student’s reaction to it.”

She’s beginning her teaching career with advice to future students for what to prepare for at Iowa State.

“I wish I was more prepared for all the hours I was going to spend reading and studying, because I did zero of that in high school.”