Sara Martin

Learning community helps Sara adjust to Iowa State

Sara started getting involved as soon as she stepped on campus. She learned from an adviser about a freshman food science and human nutrition (FSHN) learning community and decided to join. She believes joining made a big difference in helping her adjust to college life and recommends new students take advantage of learning communities.

“It’s a really easy and good way to get involved,” Sara said. “It’s important to find people interested in the same things as you right away. Plus, you learn a lot about [FSHN] programs.”

Through the learning community, she learned about many valuable campus resources, made several connections, and gained information about FSHN careers. While Sara appreciated the knowledge obtained from her group, she mostly loved the volunteer opportunities her learning community provided, especially  assembling mac n’ cheese packages for shelters during Human Sciences Week.

Once it ended, Sara wanted to remain involved, so she attended ClubFest to find a new group. At ClubFest, she spoke to an adviser for the Student Dietetic Association and grew excited after learning about the club’s volunteer opportunities, social activities, and talks from professional dietitians.

“I definitely recommend joining the [Student Dietetic Association],” she said. “It’s a great opportunity, and you learn a lot of information. There’s also a lot of variety to spark your interest to get involved.”