Samantha Jones

One Iowa State degree wasn’t enough for Samantha Jones

Even when she was in fifth grade, Samantha wanted to be a scientist. In high school, she assisted in physical education courses, encouraging students, refereeing, and even teaching outdoor activities such as canoeing and kayaking. It was here she started developing career interests in health and wellness.

Samantha and her twin sister, Alexandra, came to Iowa State in the fall of 2006. They spent their undergrad years living together, meeting new people, and making lasting memories. Now, Alexandra works at another college, but Samantha decided once just wasn’t enough and returned to Iowa State for graduate school.

“It wasn’t enough,” Samantha said, “I always knew I wanted a master’s degree and thought, (I) might as well go for a Ph.D. to have the option to be a professor.”

Like most college students, finances were a little tight after completing her first degree. Because of this, Samantha is very proud and grateful to have earned the 2014 Egg Nutrition Center dissertation fellowship award. She worked very hard to get into the graduate program and this award helped make her dream of getting a Ph.D. possible.

Naturally, she has doubts about being able to complete the challenging curriculum, but her experiences helped her realize she needs both research and teaching opportunities to be happy. She encourages all students to keep their eyes open for these types of experiences.

“Remain open minded and look for opportunity in smallest places,” Samantha said, “Make the best of your experiences, and see the positives in any opportunistic situation knowing nothing lasts forever.”