Ryan True

Ryan True builds his entrepreneurial future through Iowa State experiences

Ryan’s initial “aha” moment for his future began with a random shower thought his freshman year: create a comfortable environment for the elderly to work toward wellness while surrounded by their peers.

Since the original concept, Ryan has taken multiple steps to advance his idea into a real business. One of these steps includes working on campus in recreational services as a personal trainer.

“Long term, I don’t want to be a personal trainer,” he said. “I want to own a business. For my business I have to rely on the personal trainers though, so I need to be able to understand them and what they go through.”

He also began involving himself early on in a number of clubs and gaining leadership roles within those clubs. One of his newest roles is becoming a Human Sciences Week 2018 co-chair.

“The organizations and other opportunities I have pursued give me a lot of experience and leadership development,” Ryan said. “The message of my organization, ExerCYse is Medicine, is in part what inspired the idea for my business. Its ideals will be what I will strive to provide the community I establish myself in.”

Now in the idea development stage, Ryan is pursuing opportunities through the Small Business Development Center at Iowa State University’s Research Park.

“A lot of research clearly shows the importance of exercise,” he said. “Basically, I’ll strive to use research and apply it to the program. Sometimes personal trainers use intuition and improv, but I want to use the research. It’s not just a gym. It’s more of a holistic wellness approach.”

Before leaving Iowa State, Ryan hopes to have written a completed, formal business plan. By using the vast amount of resources Iowa State offers, he knows he can accomplish this goal.

“This university is amazing,” he said. “There are opportunities every step, and the more you take advantage of that, the more likely you’ll be successful. Just keep your head up and your eyes open for them.”