Rachel Wolf

Rachel pursues teaching at Iowa State

Rachel realized she had a love for cooking around seventh grade.  A few years later, as a senior in high school, she took a career exploration class. The class allowed her to teach lessons to kids and from there, she knew she wanted to be a teacher.

In order to combine her love for teaching and cooking, Rachel looked into family and consumer sciences. She found the family and consumer science education and studies program at Iowa State and knew it was a perfect fit.

“I have known since seventh grade I loved to cook. I also knew I liked working with kids, so I put my two passions together.”

During her undergraduate career, Rachel found the FCEdS Club, which helped her meet other students in her program.

“It’s a great way to connect with upper and lower undergrads,” she said. “We do fundraising, arts and crafts, student teaching—all sorts of fun activities.”

Rachel said the people she met in the club helped her succeed at Iowa State. She gained mentors who guided her through the program, making suggestions for courses and work experience. She also said it helped her meet other students who were in her classes.

Due to the wide range of skills required to teach all aspects of family and consumer sciences, the curriculum includes a variety of courses such as apparel and food science. Because not everyone has the same skills, Rachel encourages students to reach out and meet people early who can potentially help.

“Reach out to people early on,” she said. “Our major includes classes in cooking, apparel, and other departments. So make connections early, and you’ll be fine.”