Vanessa Phoebe Cooper

Concurrent program gets Phoebe to graduation faster

Originally from Brisbane, Australia, Phoebe Cooper moved to the United States with her family when she was 7 years old. Now, she calls Iowa State her home and enjoys studying hospitality and event management.

When Phoebe decided she wanted to major in hospitality management, she knew graduate school was in her future. Instead of spending four years obtaining her undergraduate degree and another four for her master’s, Phoebe signed up for the Concurrent Master’s in Hospitality Program.

At the time Phoebe enrolled in Iowa State, the concurrent program for hospitality management was in the works. She couldn’t enroll immediately, but thanks to her adviser Liz Harris, she prepared in advance for it and didn’t have to adjust her plan once the program was established.

Overall, Phoebe said it is not difficult to obtain a master’s and undergraduate degree concurrently. Her classes are different from each other, but the program is well-developed and allows class substitutions to meet requirements.

Phoebe’s events and hospitality degrees open doors for her to work at her dream companies, not only planning events, but also at the resorts. She has her eye on the Olympics or Disney. Either way, she just wants to help people enjoy their visits.

“Events are about coming together,” she said. “I like seeing that and people having fun, so I want help by working and improving their experiences.”

Phoebe wants to get the word out about this program. She said it’s an excellent opportunity and a money saver for students who know as undergraduates that they want to obtain their master’s.

“It’s a great opportunity for anyone wanting their master’s,” she said, “If more knew about it, I think more would take advantage.”