Paige Perkins

Paige Perkins is paving a new road for women’s health through CHAARG

Paige is a senior in kinesiology and health and the ambassador of CHAARG at Iowa State University. CHAARG stands for “Changing Health, Attitudes, and Actions to Recreate Girls,” and that’s exactly Paige’s mission. Paige uses her leadership position in CHAARG to break down boundaries for women who want to live a healthy lifestyle in college and create a close-knit community of women.

Paige has had held a strong interest in the human body for many years, she said. Coming to study kinesiology at ISU just made sense.

“I think it’s really interesting how the human body moves and how it adapts to the different environments and situations that we put [it] in,” she said.

That interest guided her to accept the ambassador position when it was presented to her by a team member from CHAARG’s national headquarters who wanted to bring CHAARG to ISU. Paige underwent nine weeks of training to prepare herself for taking on the ambassador role for ISU’s new chapter.

Paige enjoys providing women different options for keeping themselves active and healthy through CHAARG. The organization currently has about 50 members who participate in CHAARG activities multiple times a week. The whole chapter gets together for a weekly workout that changes to suit member’s interests, and small groups meet weekly as well, to exercise or just spend time with each other.

Paige is passionate about CHAARG because it “takes the fear factor” that some women experience out of exercising.

“The best way to start [exercising] is in a group setting,” Paige said. “I always encourage everybody to just give it a try, and find something they enjoy. CHAARG is awesome because some people like weights, some people like yoga, and some maybe like kayaking. There’s something for everyone.”

The ISU chapter of CHAARG gives members an opportunity to be a part of a community that’s all about helping girls find their fit on a college campus and live a healthy and holistic lifestyle.

Paige loves seeing the positive change that the CHAARG community has in the lives of its members. She gets to see people doing what they enjoy and benefiting from exercise.

“I just find enjoyment in changing people’s health and fitness lives,” she said.