Olivia Pierce

Olivia Pierce shares her passion for learning technology at the Center for Technology in Learning and Teaching

Olivia wants to incorporate technology into her future career as an elementary education teacher. Her interest in learning technology began during C I 201, Learning Technologies in the PK-6 Classroom.

Though her friends told her the class would be difficult, Olivia’s nerves faded away as she discovered that she genuinely enjoyed the subject matter.

 “I didn’t mind doing the homework because I found myself wanting to learn about the topics,” Olivia said.

Halfway through the course Olivia declared a minor in learning technologies. Through her minor coursework and her minor professor, she secured a job with the Center for Technology in Learning and Teaching (CTLT).

As a student assistant, Olivia shares her passion and knowledge of technology with others as they navigate through their own coursework.

“We have tech equipment that is only open for education students to use, but we also have poster printers and 3-D printers that are open to everyone,” she said. “I really like getting to talk to different people and problem-solve whatever they’re working on.”

Through her job at the CTLT, Olivia volunteered at the Iowa Technology and Education Connection (ITEC) conference in Des Moines, where educators and school administrators throughout the state gather to learn about the developments in educational technology and how its use can benefit learning and teaching.

“It was really cool to be in a place where educators themselves were learning,” Olivia said.

Olivia enjoys observing first-hand what technology can do in a classroom. However, her favorite part of her job is making connections with the people that use the CTLT.

“There are professors I’ve never had for a class, but I feel like I know them so well,” she said.

For education students who are interested in using technology to teach their future students, Olivia urges students to follow their gut.

“Keep an open mind, and don’t let other people’s views on technology influence you,” she said.  “If it’s your thing, it’ll be your thing.”