Olivia Crane

Tutoring solidifies Olivia’s desire to teach

As a freshman, Olivia felt unsure if she wanted to teach, so she decided to take some courses and try some extra-curricular activities. She found information about America Reads/America Counts, a program focused on helping elementary kids in reading and math. She started tutoring and realized her passion for teaching.

“It gave me more experience for teaching,” she said. “It helped me decide to be a teacher.”

Olivia said one of the best parts about her tutoring — which she still continues as a junior — is the kids. She gets to feel a closeness with them that not every education major experiences.

“I get to see the classroom routine, work one-on-one with the kiddos, and make friends,” she said. “I love it.”

In addition to tutoring, Olivia also got involved in ILEAD, ISU Leaders in Education and Diversity. She enjoyed meeting other education majors as well as hearing from professionals in the field. She also really liked how they covered more sensitive classroom topics in-depth.

“We bring in guest speakers who talk about challenges of having kids with different backgrounds and home life,” she said. “This is something we touch on in classes, but it’s good to gain insight from individuals in the field.”

Although she doesn’t get to be as involved in ILEAD this semester due to a new nanny position in Huxley, Olivia said she’s enjoyed the club a lot.

For other students looking to get involved on campus, Olivia recommends they start by thinking about what their interests are, like she did with education.

“Look for things you’re interested in,” she said. “Don’t be afraid to try new things, even if it’s outside your major.”