Nyahon Both

Connect Four helps connect Nyahon

After her acceptance into Iowa State University, Nyahon started receiving emails from Connect Four, a group for first-year students of color in the College of Human Sciences. At first she didn’t get too excited, but then a friend encouraged her to attend the first meeting of the semester.

“I went to the first meeting, liked what they talked about, and decided to keep coming back,” she said.

The club provided Nyahon a safe space where she could talk about any troubles she was having, academic or personal.

“It’s a nice place to go; it’s a safe space to come back to,” she said. “We can share what’s on our minds and have a good time.”

In addition, she said the organization helped her feel more connected on campus. It gave her the chance to hear different professionals and professors speak, learn about various opportunities on campus, and even helped her connect to other dietitians.

“I feel more connected,” she said. “Some of the students are in my same major, so I can reach out and ask for help if I need assistance.”

Even Nyahon’s  peer mentor helped her navigate her new campus. She felt so inspired, she decided to serve as a peer mentor herself her sophomore year.

“My peer mentor was great,” she said. “She pushed me to try everything. I like being a mentor so far, but I’m not sure if I’ll do it next year. We will see.”

Although she’s not sure she will continue, Nyahon appreciates every minute she spent in Connect Four and all the help it provided her in transitioning to Iowa State.

“Connect Four has helped introduce me to other people in the same field, and they have given me wonderful advice and words of wisdom in what to expect,” she said.