Nicole Kluesner

Nicole Kluesner travels to Los Angeles with apparel, merchandising, and design program

Looking forward to seeing the ocean for the first time, Nicole spent a week in Los Angeles for a field study with a group of other apparel, merchandising, and design majors.

“We got to visit tons of companies like PacSun, Patagonia, and Volcom, just to name a few,” she said.

It all started after receiving an email from her adviser informing students of the opportunity. After picking her preferred location, Nicole was emailed back confirming her trip to Los Angeles.

“While we were there, we got to go surfing with Patagonia and got to go to a ton of different malls to shop,” Nicole said.

From spending time on Rodeo Drive analyzing how high-end brands display their products to meeting with alumni in the surrounding area asking them questions about working in the industry, Nicole was interested to see the different ways her major applied in the work force.

Inside AG Jeans, Nicole experienced the entire process of how the jeans were made. Overall, her knowledge of the industry grew throughout the trip by watching the manufacturing process, the corporate culture, and customers’ experiences inside the show room.

“You even get credit for it,” she said. “It’s a great opportunity for something in the U.S. if you aren’t up for studying abroad. And so many things I have learned here plays into what I saw there.”

Nicole listed the countless skills and experiences she acquired on this weeklong trip. Bottom line, she wants to encourage other students to gain these opportunities too.

“Don’t think about it,” Nicole said. “Just go. Choose somewhere that’s new or different for you.”