Nathan Wanderscheid

Nathan Wanderscheid secures internship opportunity at the People to People Career Fair

Nathan didn’t know hospitality management was an available major until he read about it on Iowa State’s website. Because of his interest in customer service, he had a feeling this major would be the right one for him.

“I always knew I wanted to go to Iowa State,” he said. “I figured if I picked hospitality management, I knew it would be enjoyable.”

To gain experience outside of his coursework, Nathan decided to attend the People to People Career Fair. After surveying all the companies and organizations represented at the fair, he found himself talking to the recruiters at the ISU Conference Services booth. Through that conversation, he received his first internship.

“When I got my internship after interviewing to be a conference manager, I knew I was up for a challenge,” he said.

As a conference manager, Nathan plays a role in planning and organizing the many conferences that Iowa State hosts throughout the year. Though he started this position at the beginning of the semester, Nathan has already learned a lot of applicable skills he can use in his future career.

“I’m really trying to get some experience,” he said. “There’s a newfound level of responsibility with an internship that I’ve learned to manage.”

Nathan is still deciding what he wants to do with his degree after he graduates. However, he says this internship solidified his interest in the hospitality management major overall.

“All the skills I’ve learned have reaffirmed that hospitality management is what I want to do,” Nathan said.

After having success with his own career fair experience, Nathan encourages other students to explore all of the options that the fairs have to offer.

“Go to the People to People Career Fair, or at least check out CyHire,” he said. “There are a lot of opportunities there.”