Nathan Hoth

Nathan Hoth trades baseball field for nutrition field 

Nathan Hoth’s journey to Iowa State started on the baseball field at Loras College.

After initially attending Loras so that he could continue playing baseball, Nathan quickly realized his career goals did not align with his program at Loras.

“I had been interested in wanting to go into a career in nutrition,” Nathan said. “After my first semester I started learning how to do college and started actually looking at my curriculum, and I was like, ‘Wow, I have only one nutrition course.’”

Nathan decided that pursuing his interest in nutrition was more important than his love of baseball, so he left Loras to come to Iowa State University. The transition to Iowa State was challenging for Nathan, but finding the right mentors made the process easier.

“It was definitely tough. I had to give up baseball which is something that had always been part of my life,” Nathan said. “Amber Kargol [an academic adviser in food science and human nutrition] did an amazing job giving me everything I needed to not only transfer to Iowa State but prevail.”

Nathan is now a junior in nutritional science at Iowa State and is taking steps toward a career in nutrition. An example of one of these steps is networking and establishing relationships with professors. By doing this, Nathan became an assistant in Auriel Willette’s lab. 

“The professors do an amazing job of establishing a relationship with students as long as the students are willing to make an effort,” said Nathan. “He sees that I’m not just a normal student, and I want to do more for myself.” 

Nathan hopes to build on his Iowa State experiences to do his own neuroscience research after graduation.

“Changing lifestyle habits to improve brain health is what I would love to do,” Nathan said. “Instead of trying to help people who have gotten the disease [neurodegeneration], I want to prevent people from getting it.”

Nathan encourages other students to make the most of their time at Iowa State by taking advantage of the many extra opportunities available to them.

“You’re only limited by yourself,” Nathan said. “If you have the means to do more, you 100 percent can.”