Naomi Petrich

Naomi Petrich prepares for her next adventure

At the recommendation of her uncle, Naomi became a certified nursing assistant (CNA) in high school. She started working at a nursing home and job-shadowing in a hospital emergency room, and has been determined to become a physician’s assistant ever since.

“I’ve been a CNA for five years,” Naomi said. “At first I didn’t even know what a CNA was, but that’s what led me to wanting a career in healthcare.”

Naomi spent the next few years working hard at academics, earning direct care hours, and volunteering. As she starts to prepare for the GRE graduate school entry exam, Naomi looks forward to starting her next adventure by applying to PA school.

“This year is my wrap-up year,” she said. “I’m taking the GRE in January and getting my recommendations ready. I’m studying for the test now so I’m not super stressed later on.”

Applying to graduate school can be a stressful process, but Naomi is thankful for the assistance that the College of Human Sciences provides. One of Naomi’s courses, KIN 242X, Planning for Success in a Health Career, even helped her put together some of her application materials in class. Because her primary focus is finishing her undergraduate years strong, she appreciates not having to worry about certain components of graduate school applications.

“The College of Human Sciences gives you a perfect layout of what you need every year to apply for grad school,” she said. “I don’t have to look into my prerequisites because Iowa State has already laid it out for me.”

From networking with science professors, to getting involved in clubs relevant to her career goals, Naomi knows a balance between grades and involvement is important. She hopes this message gets to freshmen who also want to pursue graduate school one day.

“Life isn’t all about your GPA,” she said. “It’s about being a well-rounded student. Get your direct care hours, and get out there and volunteer.”