Morgan Jungman

Morgan takes steps toward becoming a physician assistant

Morgan Jungman dreams of becoming a physician assistant. She said she always wanted to practice medicine and knew she needed to go somewhere that would prepare her for a career in the health field. After learning about the kinesiology program, Morgan decided on Iowa State University.

Knowing her career path allowed Morgan to get started right away. With the help of her adviser, Morgan mapped out all the requirements she needed to get into graduate school including patient contact hours, volunteer hours, and academic prerequisites.

“Becoming a physician assistant takes a lot of work,” she said. “You have to know what you want and how to get there in order to become one.”

Morgan earned her CNA two years ago. She volunteers at a free clinic in Waukee and works in an assisted living home. Morgan also joined the pre-physician assistant club and met a lot of people with similar career goals. They advised each other and sympathized when things got tough.

Now, Morgan is a senior and is ready to go to graduate school. Last spring she applied to graduate schools and will start the physician assistant program at Des Moines University this June. During her years at Iowa State, Morgan discovered the hard work it takes to break into the medical field. She recommends undergraduates who want to practice medicine start preparing early.

“Get organized, learn course requirements early,” she said. “Know your pre-reqs, patient contact hours, and volunteering. Get started early.”