Morgan Denzer

Morgan joins food science club

Morgan Denzer started her college career studying biological system engineering. But she wanted to learn more about food systems, so she switched to food science her freshman year.

“My intro classes were more stats based,” she said. “I wanted more direct contact with food and to be able to change products.”

Shortly after switching, a dorm acquaintance suggested Morgan check out the Food Science Club. She decided to attend the first meeting. She was sitting alone when a member of the exec committee came up to her. The two talked through the whole meeting, and Morgan knew she wanted to stay in the club.

Morgan likes the club for several reasons, but one of her tops is how it is organized. They manage to balance social activities with professional networking. Due to this and her current exec position as the Institute of Food Technologist representative, Morgan feels she’s gained valuable connections and learned a lot about life after graduation.

“It has given me an idea about the company culture I want, and what options are out there,” she said. “I think students don’t realize all of the opportunities in the industry, and it’s given me a good idea of what I want in a company.”

In the future, she hopes to serve as president of the club.

“We are about to go through a big transition with most of our exec members graduating,” she said. “I see where the club is going, and I have positive plans for its future.”

When asked what advice she wished to pass on to prospective and current food science students, Morgan’s answer is simple: join Food Science Club.

“Go to Food Science Club,” she said. “Most food science courses are during your junior or senior year, so you don’t get to meet career professionals until then. But the club gives you that your freshmen and sophomore years, so you can build a network moving forward.”