Morgan Bowman

Morgan learns life skills through peer mentoring

Morgan Bowman always considered Iowa State University in her college options due to its proximity to Fort Dodge, her hometown. However, when Morgan visited Iowa State and heard about the kinesiology program, she decided this is where she’d spend her undergraduate years.

As a freshman, Morgan was entered into the peer mentoring program. The program helped her adjust to her new home in multiple ways, and her mentor inspired her. Due to this positive experience, Morgan decided she wanted to be a peer mentor and help incoming freshmen too.

“I was nervous to apply,” she said. “I actually applied this spring, so I could apply again next year. I never thought I would get it.”

Morgan received an email telling her she was accepted. After that, Morgan helped with freshmen orientation and was assigned a group starting in August. She plans activities, collaborates with other mentors, and works with her students on a one to one basis. It’s important to her that her students know she’s there for them academically and personally.

“At first they are quiet,” she said. “But by week three or four they start opening up, and it’s exciting, because that’s when you know you’re making an impact.”

Right now, Morgan said peer mentoring is the most rewarding thing she does on a weekly basis. However, she sees the experience continuing to benefit her in her future career as a physical therapist.

“College taught me how to delegate,” she said. “I want my own clinic and to advise others. As a peer mentor, I had to learn that just because I understood something didn’t mean someone else did. I had to learn how to be an adviser.”