Morgan Bahl

Making connections led Morgan Bahl to internship opportunities

In the fall of 2014, Morgan sat down with her adviser to have an important discussion about an internship opportunity. Little did she know, that meeting would benefit the rest of her college experience.

“I asked my adviser about which professors I should speak to in regards to the Rosenfeld Internship,” she said. “I knew I needed research experience, and I wanted to work with someone who shared my interests.”

Morgan’s adviser recommended Sarah Francis, an assistant professor in food science and human nutrition. She and Francis met, and Morgan applied for the Rosenfeld internship under Francis’s sponsorship. That spring, Morgan began her work.

Morgan’s biggest project was testing the success of the Words on Wellness newsletter through surveys and data collection. During her 10 hours a week, Morgan realized research doesn’t always have to be “sciencey;” it can be a way to help people. And she hopes to do just that when she submits her research to the Journal of Extension for publication.

Following her Rosenfeld internship, Morgan went on to earn a coveted spot as a Heddleson Intern working with the Human Sciences Extension and Outreach. She is learning many things, but found a passion and potential career in this field.

Morgan says both internships gave her invaluable knowledge from research to real-world applications, but she wishes she would’ve known one thing:

“It’s OK to have fun in school too. I’ve learned I can have fun while still being a diligent student and keeping good grades. Just lighten up a little and try new things!”