Molly Seibel

Molly finds career at Iowa State University

Molly never questioned where she wanted to study. Iowa State was always her goal; however, she didn’t know how her interests in science, medicine, and cooking translated into a career.

“I have always had a passion for cooking,” she said. “I didn’t want to be a doctor or a nurse, but I knew that I wanted my future career to be in the medical field.”

Molly visited Iowa State her junior year of high school. During her visit, she discovered the dietetics program. She knew immediately that was what she wanted to pursue.

Once she arrived at Iowa State, Molly started getting involved. She joined the Student Dietetic Association on campus.

“It’s a good way to meet people in your major,” she said. “I enjoy having friends in my classes, and now I’m able to recognize some people from the club.”

The club also helped Molly prepare for her future internship with a hospital.

“They brought in past students who have been through program,” she said. “And they told us what to do and how to prepare for our future internship.”

Molly took their advice seriously and started getting involved in other clubs outside her major to make her application stand out.

“It shows I have interests outside my major,” she said. “They want to see who I am inside the classroom, the work setting, and when I’m not working. They want to see my personality.”