Mikayla Cummings

Mikayla enrolls as undecided

Mikayla’s first college experience happened the summer before her senior year of high school when she attended a cheer camp held at Iowa State. She lived in Friley residence hall for a few days and saw what it would be like to attend Iowa State, and she loved it.

Mikayla chose Iowa State, but didn’t know what she wanted to specialize in. Instead, she declared an undecided major, which she said was a little difficult.

“I felt pressure to choose my major right away,” she said. “But then I realized I could take a step back and enjoy my freshman year.”

Although she wanted to enjoy her year, Mikayla did not stop trying to find her career aspirations. She joined the MINDS learning community, which is for students with undecided majors. She enjoyed it because she got to meet people with a variety of interests.

During her orientation class, Mikayla was required to attend the career fair, write a paper about what her interests, and think about majors that aligned with her skills and interests. All of these elements helped Mikayla realize her interest in science.

At the same time, she took an anatomy course and loved it.

“I had never had a class like it,” she said. “It showed a different side of science and helped me see what I wanted to do with my future.”

Once she knew her interests, Mikayla searched for a major that would help her become a physician’s assistant. At the major fair, she found kinesiology.

Mikayla understands how difficult it can be to find a major. She encourages other students to take the time to figure it out instead of jumping into something fast.

“Keep an open mind and explore on your own,” she said. “I know it’s not what a freshman always wants to do, but it will help.”