Mikaela Lighty

Mikaela Lighty travels to the Bahamas for a week-long study abroad trip

Studying abroad doesn’t have to be for an entire summer or semester. For Mikaela, it was for a single week during her spring break of junior year. Her dad told her about a Bahamas study abroad opportunity he found for event management and hospitality management majors.

“A lot of people don’t know about the trip, so you have a good chance of getting accepted,” she said. “There are scholarships available, and then you take a class once a week up until the trip.”

Mikaela said the class is extremely laid back. It informs students on the plan while they are studying abroad, the cost, and every other detail students would want to know.

“This study abroad trip was nice because it’s for a short time, the class gets you ready for it, and it actually relates to my major,” she said.

While she was abroad, she toured several casinos and resorts. After already going to the Bahamas as a tourist a couple times, Mikaela enjoyed seeing how the culture really worked behind the scenes.

“We got to talk to people in different positions about what they do,” she said. “The employees gave helpful tips about customers. I wrote them down and now have reminders for later about what they said.”

Mikaela also had some opportunities outside of her major while in the Bahamas. She volunteered for a day where she and her classmates cleaned a beach and another day where they saw how student life was while attending a lecture at the University of Bahamas.

“It’s fun,” Mikaela said. “Do it, even if it’s a short trip. I would recommend doing something during your college experience that scares you. Get out of your comfort zone.”

Are you interested in learning more about study abroad opportunities offered by the College of Human Sciences (CHS)? Contact Erin French, CHS Director of International Programs.