Michelle Brackett

Michelle Brackett helps others find their path through MINDS

Michelle’s experience with the MINDS (Making Informed Decisions) learning community helped her discover her passions for education and helping undecided students find their major at Iowa State University (ISU).

Michelle didn’t know exactly what she wanted to major in when she came to ISU. She did know that she wanted to help others, and being in the College of Human Sciences would lead her to a career where she could do just that. As part of the MINDS learning community her first semester, Michelle learned more about the seventeen majors within the college in the HSCI 110 class.

HSCI 110 is designed specifically to help undecided students find their place in Human Sciences and played a big role in helping Michelle identify what field she wanted to go into. During the one-semester course, Michelle discovered the major she wanted to pursue within the college – after hearing just one presentation on early education.

After deciding on early childhood education, Michelle wanted to use her experience with MINDS to help students in the position of uncertainty she used to be in.

“That class [HSCI 110] meant so much to me that I decided to be a peer mentor,” Michelle said.

Michelle said that she enjoys helping others define their interests and career goals through peer mentoring. She works with a group of seven from the 40 students in MINDS. Her responsibilities range from organizing group activities to getting to know her mentees in one-on-one meetings. Overall, Michelle said her job is to be a role model for undecided students, someone they can look up to who’s been in their shoes.

“We’re a comfort for [undecided students],” Michelle said. “We’re someone they can talk to if they need anything.”