Meghan Burke

Meghan Burke uses community college experience to shine at Iowa State

After graduating from high school, Meghan wasn’t sure if a four-year college was right for her. She decided to take classes at her local community college while she figured things out.

“I wasn’t ready to live on my own,” she said. “I knew I could, but it just didn’t feel right.”

After a year of adjusting to college courses and taking classes to fulfill her general education requirements, Meghan started to consider leaving home to go to school full-time. She visited Iowa State on a whim when her little brother was considering going to Iowa State as well.

“I walked on campus and I felt the atmosphere and I just fell in love,” she said. “That was the only college visit I really needed.”

Meghan quickly committed to Iowa State after visiting. Having a year of experience at community college eased her transition to living away from home.

“I knew to expect the highs and lows of being homesick,” she said.

With her family only a phone call away and her brother on campus, Meghan said her transition felt smooth. Through the process of applying, getting accepted, and committing to Iowa State, Meghan even discovered some connections she didn’t know she had.

“After my mom posted about me going to school on Facebook, she got a ton of replies about family that used to go here,” she said. “I actually found out that I have family in Boone.”

Meghan’s advice for students coming to Iowa State from community college is to live in the residence halls. Though she chose to live in an apartment her first year, she says she wish she took advantage of that opportunity to meet people and make friends.

“Don’t cut out the idea of the dorms,” she said. “My roommate is a sophomore, and she still talks about all the friends she made when she lived there her freshman year.”