Megan Wiese

Megan Wiese discovers her path to chiropractic school

Originally, Megan thought she wanted to be a teacher. After shadowing her mother’s classroom when Megan was in high school, she realized teaching wasn’t for her. During her senior year, she had to shadow another profession so Megan chose a local chiropractor.

“After spending the day with him I wished he would hire me on the spot,” she said. “I knew that is what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing.”

When she began her adventure at Iowa State University, Megan started as an open option major in the Department of Kinesiology. She was still unsure of the exact road she wanted to take to get to her career goal.

“Being a part of the open option learning community and then becoming a peer mentor helped me learn a lot,” she said. “We focus on what strengths in your personality and characteristics you can apply in a future job.”

After considering the pre-physical therapy path for awhile, Megan found herself thinking about chiropractic school again.

“I like the more holistic view of being a chiropractor,” she said.

Megan hopes to one day work as a chiropractor in pediatrics and maybe even own her own office.

“I know I don’t want to be a teacher but I still want to work with kids,” Megan said. “This way I can help kids and do what I love.”

While Megan focuses on how she can help others, she said her adviser is a great resource and encourages other students to reach out to their advisers as well.

“Talk to your adviser,” Megan said. “Go to them with questions. They have so much knowledge.”