Megan Wallace

Megan Wallace turns passion for childcare into a career plan

Between working at a child care center, nannying, and coaching soccer, every job Megan had in high school involved children in some way. However, she didn’t realize these jobs could translate into a major until after she arrived at Iowa State University. Feeling pressured to pick a major right away, she started out in the College of Design.

“In high school, I didn’t really like any of my core classes, so I was really confused on trying to decide on a major before college,” she said. “I really liked my yearbook class, so I thought design would be a good fit.”

During her second semester, Megan knew a major in child, adult, and family services was a better fit for her when she took HDFS 102 (Individual and Family Development, Health, and Well-being) as an elective course.

“We were learning about the Eden project where they combine a nursing home with a preschool,” she said. “I thought it was the coolest idea, and it does amazing things for both groups.”

Megan continues to stay involved in child services. She plans to intern with Camp Adventure, where she’ll provide childcare for military families at an international military base. After graduation, she could see herself working as an adoption specialist, educating parents at risk, and going to graduate school.

“Eventually, I want to go to grad school to be a child-life specialist,” she said. “I want to work in a hospital, counseling families and children through childhood illnesses.”

Now that Megan is confident she chose the right major, she wishes she went easier on herself during her freshman year. She hopes incoming students realize that entering college with a declared major isn’t the only way to be successful.

“I think the Human Sciences – Undecided major is a really good idea,” she said. “Don’t feel pressured to choose a major right out of the gate. It can save you time, money, and stress.”