Megan Slattery

Megan Slattery adapts childhood skills to college adventure

Before tackling the endless opportunities available at Iowa State, Megan took the opportunity to join 4-H. Even though she is not as active in 4-H as she was in high school, the skills she learned from the organization support Megan throughout her college involvement.

“4-H provided me early experience with planning and completing projects, as well as effectively describing the process and what I learned from my experience,” she said.

Megan’s 4-H experience involved leadership roles like secretary to the county’s youth council, giving a helping hand at various events throughout Clinton County, and attending the State 4-H Youth Conference.

“I really learned to communicate with individuals of all ages and backgrounds, and to work with others as a team,” she said.

While it was Megan’s idea to be so involved in the many opportunities 4-H offered, it was her mother’s idea to do the optional record books. The books are a year round process that teach 4-Hers how to keep records by developing their own system. 4-Hers keep books on rabbits, dairy, dogs, and even market animals.

“The optional record books helped me learn to maintain good organization, something I’ve learned is essential for success in any career,” she said. “It started as something I had to do, but after a few years, I think it was something I enjoyed.”

Now, Megan can use those skills to assist in her roles as a group fitness instructor, a student ambassador for the College of Human Sciences, a student admissions representative, coursework, research, and any new opportunities that come her way after her Iowa State adventure.