Megan Carpenter

Megan finds her career before her degree

Like her fellow classmates, Megan Carpenter struggled to find her major. She knew she wanted to help people, but didn’t know how. She bounced from elementary education, family and consumer sciences, and child development until she landed a special internship.

Megan’s interest in the financial industry sparked when she interned with Holmes Murphy & Associates in Des Moines. With five different areas including executive management, human resources, legal and compliance, marketing, and accounting, Megan received a well-rounded view of the industry. She interned two summers in a row and decided to obtain a degree that will help her move forward in the company.

“I get along with people, and I like the company culture,” she said. “I never saw myself sitting behind a desk, so I like that I get to help people and be active.”

Now that she knows where she wants to go, Megan plans her college life around getting there. She enrolled in the financial counseling and planning program. Fortunately, her classes from previous semesters carried over easily.

“I go beyond just memorizing to get the grade,” she said. “I learn how to apply the material into the real world and how it will make  me successful and more knowledgeable in a competitive way.”

After graduating, Megan plans to use her knowledge during her enrollment in “The Brainery,” a training program offered by HM&A which will transition her into a full-time position.

“It’s great because that stress is gone,” she said. “I don’t have to worry about where I’m going after graduation, and I can focus on how my classes fit with my career.”