Matilde Arreguin

Matilde excels at Iowa State thanks to the Student Support Services Program

Matilde Arreguin, and her sister, are both first generation high school graduates and soon to be college graduates. Their parents emigrated from Mexico and started their family in Sioux City, Iowa. Matilde grew up with an interest in business and received several scholarships which brought her to Iowa State University to pursue degrees in financial planning and child, adult, and family services.

Matilde, like many freshmen, struggled adapting to college life. She wasn’t getting involved, and her GPA wasn’t as high as she wanted it. At the start of her second semester she accidentally applied into the Student Support Service Program (SSSP).

“It’s funny. I thought I was applying for a tutor, and then I got an email saying I had an interview,” Matilde said, “The other girl interviewing didn’t know what it was for either.”

Matilde was accepted into SSSP and is very thankful. SSSP set up many events for her and other students to meet, which helped her become more active at ISU. She was also given access to two free tutors per semester and assigned an adviser. Not only did her adviser answer her academic questions, but helped her whenever she had a personal problem.

The next three semesters she began to see improvement. She is proud to say she made the Dean’s List every semester since being accepted into SSSP. She joined several clubs including HDFS Club and FPA Club. She even stays connected to her culture through the Mexican American Young Achievers Society and the Latino Heritage Committee. She is excelling at Iowa State, thanks to SSSP, and looks forward to a career helping businesses make investment decisions.

“The program helped me so much,” she said, “I’m so glad I accidentally got into it.”