Marissa Carlson

Marissa lands internship through career fair

When Marissa went to the People to People Career Fair in the fall of 2016, she never expected to walk out with an internship. She wanted to network with companies and start making a name for herself.

She spent a couple hours researching the companies related to her field. She also printed off several copies of her resume, already perfected due to her experience in AESHM 113, professional development.

She walked up to each company representative and gave her 30-second elevator speech. After telling them she was a sophomore, Marissa expected most companies to stop talking to her. But to her enjoyment, only one turned her away.

“Out of all the people I spoke with, only one didn’t want to talk to me because of my year,” she said. “Overall, they were eager to hear my story. I was surprised.”

Toward the end of the career fair, Marissa spoke with a representative from Pinstripes, a fine dining restaurant company with six locations around the United States. They encouraged Marissa to apply for their marketing internship.

“They called me a week after the Skype interview,” she said. “I remember the exact moment, because I almost missed the call since my phone was on silent. I was so excited though. I’ve worked some front-end marketing, so I can’t wait to learn about the back-end.”

Marissa will intern with Pinstripes this summer. She fully credits the career fair for helping her find this opportunity. For those on the fence about attending the career fair, Marissa recommends they do and to prepare in advance.

“Go anyway, but put time into researching beforehand,” she said. “It’s important to know about the businesses you’re talking to.”