Mariah Mikel

Mariah Mikel learns about hospitality management in Nassau, Bahamas

During her first spring break as a college student, Mariah traveled to Nassau, Bahamas for nine days. Instead of a typical spring break vacation, she went for a study abroad program for hospitality management majors.

“We went on tours around the island and learned about how resorts are run in a tropical locale,” she said.

Throughout the trip, Mariah learned the differences between hotel management in the state of Iowa and hospitality management on an island. Her favorite experience from the trip was touring the One&Only Ocean Club Resort.

“The One&Only Ocean Club Resort was in one of the James Bond movies,” she said. “It was the nicest place I’ve ever seen.”

Because of her trip to the Bahamas, Mariah knows she wants to pursue other study abroad opportunities later on in her college career. She also hopes to secure an internship.

“Before I graduate, I would love an internship at a big resort, so I can understand what that type of career is like,” she said.

Mariah would love to return to the Bahamas eventually. One thing she wish she took full advantage of while she was there was all of the information she learned during the tours of the resorts.

“If you go, take notes while you’re there,” she said. “You learn so many useful and interesting things on the trip, and I wish I brought a notepad to remember them all.”