Maranda Hahn

Maranda gains leadership experience at Iowa State

Maranda (Randi) Hahn always knew she wanted to attend Iowa State. With her parents as alumni she feels it was something she was born into. By the time her high school senior year came around, Randi wanted to apply to the kinesiology program for a career in the health field.

She didn’t hesitate to get involved in college, becoming a Destination Iowa State team leader the summer after her first year. She enjoyed it a lot and decided she wanted to help more students adjust to Iowa State. To do this, she applied to be a Cyclone Aide.

After filling out an online form, attending two rounds of interviews, she finally got the email telling her she was accepted as a 2016 aide. Randi said she couldn’t be more excited for this leadership opportunity.

“I’m excited to help students feel at home and answer their questions. I love seeing their sighs of relief once they know everything is going to be okay.”

Randi also looks at her Cyclone Aide experience as a way to better herself and prepare for her future career.

“I want to improve my public speaking skills,” she said. “I want to be more comfortable in front of people. I want to go into the medical field, and skills such as those, are required daily.”

Although she can only be a Cyclone Aide for one year, Randi plans to continue taking leadership roles around campus. Currently, she works with the College of Human Sciences as one of the co-chairs planning Human Sciences Week 2016.

“I was looking for a big leadership opportunity that’s individualized,” she said. “I know I’ll need some when I apply to med school.”

Randi also feels her experience demonstrates her strong work ethic, something she hopes puts her ahead professionally.

“People don’t want to hire someone who won’t step up,” she said. “They want someone who takes initiative and gets the job done; all of these experiences show my ability to do so.”