Maaike Hendrikson

Maaike finds event management at Iowa State

When Maaike graduated high school, she decided to move with her brother to the East Coast. While there, she began her undergraduate career online and spent time watching him play for the Rutgers at The State University of New Jersey.

“I wanted something different after graduation,” she said. “It taught me how to delegate. I took 18 credits online, and I would get to see his games.”

Maaike moved back to Iowa to take her gen. eds. at North Iowa Area Community College. She thought she wanted to teach and planned to transfer to a larger university, but when she visited Iowa State she found a new career path: event management.

“My family consumer science education and studies adviser at the time had a pamphlet for event management on her desk,” she said. “I have always loved organizing, leading, and helping out with events and activities, so I decided to check it out.”

Two days after beginning her education at Iowa State, Maaike switched into event management, and never regretted it.

“I like that it’s a growing department,” she said. “Professors are great and prepare you for your future career.”

Although she felt switching her major was easy, Maaike said transitioning from a community college to a university atmosphere was a little overwhelming.

“I was used to class sizes that were about 30 students,” she said. “I actually called my mom after my first lecture at ISU because there were about 300 kids in one room. I couldn’t believe it.”

Now, as a senior, she’s used to the larger class sizes and has a few words of advice for other transfer students.

“It’s good to start small, especially financially,” she said. “Don’t be scared, a lot of people are in the same boat as you.”