Lynette Wuebker

Lynette Wuebker’s passion for food security leads her to The SHOP

Lynette always knew that she wanted to help people when she grew up, but she wasn’t sure how.

While on a mission trip to Nicaragua, Lynette came face to face with the issue of food insecurity.

“It was kind of scary because we here are very blessed,” Lynette said. “For them they are growing it all, making it all, and still don’t have enough. It was just rice and beans, but they were ecstatic they got to eat that the next week. It was really cool we could make them that happy.”

Lynette decided to attend Iowa State University (ISU) and major in dietetics. It was at ISU that Lynette realized she could combine her interest in the field of dietetics with her lifelong goal of improving the lives of others. She quickly become involved with The SHOP, the student-run food pantry on campus available to all ISU students.

“My family does the farmers’ market here in Ames, and an executive member stopped by our booth and told me about it,” she said. “The goal of it (The SHOP) is that no one feels food insecure.”

Lynette served as The SHOP’s publicity chair and saw the growth of the food pantry over her term.

“The last couple months I was involved we were getting contacted by dining centers on campus, and them even knowing we were there was huge,” she said. “If the university is looking at the SHOP and saying, ‘What can we do to make this more successful?’ —that’s a big deal.”

Lynette still regularly volunteers with The SHOP, and attributes much of what she has learned about food insecurity and its solutions to this involvement. She plans to use this information in her career as a dietitian. For her, it all comes down to one basic goal.

“The main thing is just making sure people have access to good, nutritious food,” Lynette said.