Logan Wade

Logan: transfer student, university employee, and military member

Logan transferred to Iowa State University from Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) after completing his general education requirements and a few introductory courses in education. Originally, he planned to study at the University of Iowa but because of the specific elementary education program at ISU, he became a Cyclone in the fall of 2014.

He started working at the Child Development Laboratory School in January of 2015. The Lab School, located inside the Palmer building, is a pre-school program helping kids gain responsibilities while preparing them to be more independent. Logan enjoys his job because he gets to interact with kids and witness their eagerness to learn.

“The kids look up to you,” he said, “Read a book to them and they are always engaged; they even memorize them so they can tell you if you missed a page or section.”

He has gained a lot of valuable experience from the Lab School, but a lot of what helps Logan succeed at Iowa State are his military experiences. He joined the National Guard four years ago and spent time in Afghanistan in 2013.

“If I could say one thing about the military,” he said, “It is what has gotten me through a lot in life.”

The military taught Logan discipline and performance standards which he uses throughout his entire life, including academics. Instead of giving up when the course work got tough, he buckled down and his GPA showed his hard work. This was a proud moment for him and unlike the person who told him he couldn’t succeed, he has a piece of advice for students,

“Do your homework and do what’s required of you,” he said, “This gives you a higher GPA and a better education.”