Logan Schneider

Logan pursues financial planning certificate at Iowa State

At the beginning of his freshman year, Logan enrolled at Iowa State planning to major in civil and environmental engineering. After a few courses, he realized it wasn’t the right fit for him. He started to think about his personal skillsets and decided to contact his previous high school principal for advice.

“My high school principal set up a meeting with me and a current financial counselor and planner,” he said. “We went out to lunch, and he told me about the career field and opportunities. It convinced me that it was the right choice for me.”

Logan came back in January and switched into the Department of Human Development and Family Studies, majoring in financial counseling and planning. Since then, he’s enjoyed his major and the relatability of his courses.

“I’m good with my personal finances, and I like the idea of others with theirs,” he said. “The HDFS courses directly relate to managing assets and retirement, which is what I’ll be doing in the career field.”

In order to gain more experience, Logan decided to attend the Business Industry and Technology Career Fair to find an internship. He spoke with representatives from Financial Architects Inc., and applied for their summer program. After a few weeks, he received a call telling him he got the job.

“I get to meet with clients, do some grunt work, and learn about the industry,” he said. “It’s great because having experience will help me get a job after college.”

With one internship in the works, Logan plans to obtain another one before he graduates. This time, he wants to focus more specifically on his future career goals and try for one in Colorado, where he hopes to end up one day.

“I want to move to Colorado,” he said. “I enjoy nature, there’s opportunity there, and there’s a UFC (Ultimate Fighter Championship) club where I could pursue my other ambition.”